Supply Chain Design

With extensive experience across Australia and Asia The Thought Group offers an ability to think outside the square when it comes to your supply chain. With experience in freight forwarding, land transport, sea freight and logistics we can offer an end-to-end review of all your requirements focusing on Supply Chain Planning and optimisation.

FMS & WMS Systems

The team at The Thought Group has significant experience in FMS and WMS design and implementation. The fundamental of any operation is information and we seek to simplify the complex and deliver an outcome that is both cost effective and robust... We have a proven record for fixing the broken and delivering significant productivity and efficency improvements

Facility Design & Construction

The Thought Group have been pioneers in several areas of DC designs in Australia and have a proven record for designing facilities for flexibility, change and growth. Whether it be a greenfield site or conversion of an existing facility we can develop a solution that meets the needs of your business.

E-Commerce & B2C

With a proven record for facility and operational management we have worked with some of Australias leading e commerce companies in the streamlining and development of their B2C services. We have hands on experience of the complexities of high-volume B2C operations and the sourcing of appropriate technologies to service those businesses.

Interim Management

With a proven record for facility and operational management we offer a range of interim solutions from DC and Transport supervisory staff through to Distribution Centre and senior management. Terms can be as short or as long as required on the basis of solving the short, medium or long term issues.

People Management & Development

The key to any logistics business is people. From years of operating in the 3PL space The Thought Group understands the value of good people and the cost of not having them. We can not only assist in the sourcing and selection of a team but also the on-going training and development of your team.

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